Sunday, July 3, 2011

07.03.11 | Starry Eyed

Why do people always find babies adorable? Not just human babies, but baby animals as well, such as puppies, kittens, baby chimps, etc. Perhaps it is because these animals' eyes can never grow in size, so the babies would have larger eyes in proportion to their (smaller) bodies. Perhaps this attraction toward larger eyes is also the reason people wear make-up on their eyes to make them more prominent, and why certain races are often mocked for their smaller eyes.
But why is eye-size so important? Is it simply biological, physical reasons, or is it... symbolic? Eyes are often seen as one's "windows to the soul": perhaps larger eyes also suggest that more of the soul is revealed, that less of it is concealed from the viewers. (Also relates to the idea of babies being innocent...) Perhaps larger eyes also show a greater willingness to see into other people's souls as well.

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