Sunday, March 27, 2011

03.27.11 | Like Sand through my Fingers

Isn't it just so damn annoying when you wake up in the morning and think that you did not dream, only to be proven wrong later during the day when something you do triggers a sudden memory of what you dreamed of the previous night, after which you, just as suddenly as the familiarity came, forget what triggered the memory as well as the memory itself?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

03.26.11 | Blogs? Togs.

The character that people read about in your blog posts—is he/she really… you? How accurately do these pixels of text represent your true self? Are your portrayals your idealised self, or your inner child, or a sequestered demon waking in your mind?

And what if I’ve fallen in love… with the character in your blog?

Friday, March 18, 2011

03.18.11 | Internet

When all the people in the world die out, all the cities and the villages would be abandoned and become barren wasteland, but what will become of the Internet? Would there still be "activity" in the cloud? Would it be a "wasteland" too? Or would it even be any different than what it is now? What if all the power runs out? Would the Internet still "exist" then, with neither observers nor an entrance?
Also, will future civilisations be able to access our cloud, and would they use it the same way we treat fossils and historical artifacts we find nowadays? What if there have been such inventions in the past, but we just have not unearthed or discovered them yet?
Also, how much of our "false information" will the future civilisations take as true? Heck, how much false information are we already—wrongly—taking as true?