Saturday, July 30, 2011

07.30.11 | we play our cards

Don't tell me
on the porch.
I don't want to hear
sudden touch
crosses slowly.
Don't ask questions.
The Cardinal's.
I see you,
we met before.
His name and
settled first
smiling for the photo.
We play our cards.
I may change,
I was doing wrong.
There was a mad dog.
We've been waiting.

(By the way, this poem was "written" using the cut-up method. In other words, it's kind of like flarf.)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

07.17.11 | Bird of Prey

No, I mustn't
beat my wings;
they mustn't see me
Is my plumage
In line?
How else would I be able to
their orb of light?

I don't have to
to shine
beneath my skin.
I don't have to
waste my time.
Even though they fix
their hide,
they still are foul
deep inside.

With the sharpest
pair of eyes—
the brightest part
of me,
mind you—
I gaze upon the world
and gaze until
my throat is sore
from screeching
curses at the horde.

Greedy, superficial,
beastly, mindless, gross…
not me!
What lowly creatures
tread the earth,
hauling dense trunks
on their feet.

The stupid men—
they think they're
but what good
does all that paper do
when I could simply
steal it
and gain their power, too?

Yes, I have a sizeable,
pleasant treetop nest,
made from all those
twigs and leaves
that other fowl
could have used,
but how else would one
expect me to
and live my life?

Those lowly beings—
without their guns
and planes.
False prowess!
It is not fair
at all
that I should not
be able to
wield a sword
nor fire a gun.

But lo!
What is that
searing pain
that rips through
my comely chest?
It felt like lead,
but does it matter,
now that I
will soon be dead?

Now my pinion
have to beat,
but now it is too late.
Too high I'd flown
and now it is
a great fall I must take.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

07.03.11 | Starry Eyed

Why do people always find babies adorable? Not just human babies, but baby animals as well, such as puppies, kittens, baby chimps, etc. Perhaps it is because these animals' eyes can never grow in size, so the babies would have larger eyes in proportion to their (smaller) bodies. Perhaps this attraction toward larger eyes is also the reason people wear make-up on their eyes to make them more prominent, and why certain races are often mocked for their smaller eyes.
But why is eye-size so important? Is it simply biological, physical reasons, or is it... symbolic? Eyes are often seen as one's "windows to the soul": perhaps larger eyes also suggest that more of the soul is revealed, that less of it is concealed from the viewers. (Also relates to the idea of babies being innocent...) Perhaps larger eyes also show a greater willingness to see into other people's souls as well.