Monday, October 24, 2011

10.25.11 | Rainbows in Greyscale

Nothing can be truly colourless, for the word “colourless” itself already contains its negation. It is all relative. In order for an idea to be truly “colourless”, it cannot take such a name—the word “colour” shouldn’t be in the language in the first place: the mere concept of “colour” should be abolished. Therefore, if a culture did not acknowledge or distinguish colours, everything would be “colourless” because it lacks the concept of colour to begin with.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10.05.11 | Sincerely, Your Reflection

Dear Writer,

You seldom smile, but when you do, your grin is noticeably crooked. Your chin is off-centre, too, and you blame it on the vacuum contraption that pulled your oversized head out of your mother’s womb. Your eyes were once bright and full of life, but now they are just dark voids, forced to swallow all those study notes at night and all throughout the day. They scarcely rest. Your nose is small and flatter than you’d wish. Your eyebrows are like brushstrokes but your raven hair and your glasses are always in the way. You cover your forehead in attempt to conceal your acne problem, but because of that you are simultaneously worsening it.

You are not the skinniest in your circle of friends, and nor are you fashionable. You fidget excessively and incessantly, pulling your shirt, adjusting your jacket, playing with your hands. You have spoken your native tongue for all your life but your lack of confidence often causes you to stutter.

But you do not manipulate your appearance to please others. You do not destroy your identity to disappear into the crowd. You have your own individual opinions—which somehow never fail to surprise people—and you pay attention to details that many tend to overlook. Although you have never watched a single episode of American Idol and neither do you bother finding out what Gossip Girl is about, you have your passions. You love to write, you love to read, you love to think. You take nature walks and pay the trees and birds the attention you believe they deserve but do not receive. You have longed all your life to become a polymath—despite your penchant for science and the English language—and you work hard to fulfill that dream, always questioning and looking for answers.

You are individual. You are yourself, and no one else can be you, no matter how hard they try. And trust me, there most certainly are many qualities in you that others want too.

Your reflection

Saturday, October 1, 2011

10.01.11 | Your God is Not My God

Why is the word "religion" now so often interchangeable with "Christianity"? It irks me when people keep saying things like, "Oh, religion is so flawed, I can't believe you guys don't believe in evolution and natural selection but believe that we were made of clay by some oh-so-powerful dude." Hey, first of all, not all Christians reject the theory of evolution—some believe in science too. Secondly, Christianity may be a religion, but religion is not Christianity. Thirdly, not all religions contradict with the theory of evolution. Fourthly (but not necessarily "lastly"), why can't people believe in whatever they want to believe in? After all, science and religion aren't so different from one another.